The heart of the HG4000 is the patented Series II Duplex Drum which consists of:

  • 22.5-inch-diamter (57.2 cm) drum
  • 9 hammers
  • 18 grinder tips

Design of the Vermeer HG4000 Horizontal grinder / Wood Grinder

  • Offers a high-level cutting performance
  • Decreases daily maintenance time while
  • Increases the life of major wear components by providing the ability to reverse the grinder tips and hammers
  • Maintenance time is decreased by the ability to remove and replace single hammers along with the ability to externally balance the drum

“This system reduces horsepower demand devoted to cooling the engine, which results in additional horsepower available for the mill. This helps the HG4000 process more material with less fuel.”

Our Vermeer HG4000 Horizontal Wood Grinder chipping a whole palm tree, see this video.