Directional Drills - Pipeline

Field-tested to demonstrate they can handle the most exacting large-diameter projects, Vermeer horizontal directional drills are equipped with the features operators need to get the job done. Conquer difficult river crossings and the toughest ground conditions with the Vermeer lineup of powerful maxi-rigs.
Designed with your feedback on the unique challenges faced on pipeline jobsites, our directional drills are set apart by the expert service and support provided by the Vermeer network of factory trained dealers and service technicians.

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Model Thrust Maximum Spindle Speed at Maximum Engine RPM (with PS800)
D100x140 S3 100000 lbs (444.8 kN) 215 rpm
D130x150S 130000 lbs (578.3 kN) 95 rpm
D220x300 S3 242100 lbs (1076.9 kN) 164 rpm
D220x300S 220000 lbs (978.6 kN) 140 rpm
D330x500 340000 lbs (1512.4 kN) 88 rpm
D500x500 500000 lbs (2224.1 kN) 66 rpm
D750x900 768000 lbs (3416.2 kN) 36 rpm
D1000x900 1000000 lbs (4448.2 kN) 36 rpm
D1320x900 1360000 lbs (6049.6 kN) 36 rpm

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Vermeer corporation announces acquisition of Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC

Mclaughlin Group, Inc. and Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC come together as Vermeer MV Solutions.