The BC190XL is built tough to support your daily business and surpass expectations. Engineered with exclusive features that promote user-friendly operation, high efficiency and operator safety the BC190XL also delivers outstanding maintenance access and ease of transport. This makes the BC190XL a great value for arborists, landscape contractors and rental stores who need to get rid of their woody waste material.


Brush Chipper Operation and Safety Video

Features and Benefits

  • 8” (20 CM) X 12” (30.5 CM) Infeed Opening - Wide letterbox style opening allows easy feeding of material with side branches and greatly reduces the need to precut material down to size.
  • Four Double-Edged Knives in Staggered Pattern - Reduces the size and percentage of oversized chips and lowers process noise over single cutting profile systems. Shallow mount angled knives do not require adjustment of shear bar after re-sharpening or replacing. Twin edges provide longer operational use between re-sharpening and replacement.
  • 34.9 kW (48.8 PS/48.1 hp) 4-Cylinder, Water-Cooled Kubota Diesel Engine - Quiet and fuel-efficient engine providing high cutting performance with proven market-leading reliability and support. Oversize cooling system provides high capacity even when subjected to high dust and airborne debris.
  • Offset Oversized Horizontal Feed Rollers - Large-diameter feed rollers combined with 390 kg of clamping force ensure even the most densely branched material is pulled in without delay.  The offset lower roller greatly enhances the feeding of very short pieces and provides superior grip on awkwardly shaped material.
  • Smartfeed with Infeed Auto Reverse - Productivity is enhanced by providing engine load management to ensure appropriate power for processing of the material and enabling reduced fuel consumption when not needed. Infeed auto reverse and re-feed of difficult material helps reduce operator effort or re-sawing of material.
  • Localised Service Points - All filters and engine service points are quickly accessible through right engine door to help minimize maintenance time and for convenience. Cutter bearing grease points are located on the outside, opposite the disc for quick and direct access.
  • Oversized Bearings - Drive shaft, belt tensioner, feed roller and cutter disc bearings are all oversized and are taken from our larger chippers. Proven reliability can contribute toward reduced maintenance and service costs.
  • Feed Table Above 600 mm from Ground - Infeed table is located at a height ensuring good feeding position and enhanced comfort for the operator. Fully floating lower and side feed stop bars meet the most stringent EC requirements, enabling enhanced operator control of chipping operations.
  • Fully Enclosed Body - Chipping mechanism is enclosed within a compact cover that produces reduced noise emissions and keeps system clear of debris. Quick and easy access to key service points, fluid tanks and chipping mechanism is achieved through access doors, allowing plenty of room to work for reduced operator effort and fatigue during service operations.


General Dimensions and Weights
Length - Feed Table Up, Tongue In 147.2 in 374 cm
Width 60.2 in 153 cm
Height 97.6 in 248 cm
Weight - Engine Option One 3262.8 lbs 1480 kg
Tongue Weight - Engine Option One 165.3 lbs 75 kg
Engine Option One
Make and Model Kubota V2203-M-E3B
Number of Cylinders 4
Gross Horsepower (Maximum) 48.1 hp 35.9 kw
Torque (Max) 106.9 ft-lb 145 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 14.8 gal 56 L
Fuel Type Diesel
Air Cleaner Donaldson 2 Stage Dry
Oil Filter Spin On
Recommended Oil API CH-4/SJ
Cooling Medium Liquid
Alternator Kubota-40 Amps
Fan 381 mm Suction
Clutch Type Group 24 - 660 CCA
Feed System
Infeed Throat Capacity 8” (203 mm) X 12” (305 mm)
Drum/Disc Cutting System
Material Capacity 8 in 20.3 cm
Width 12 in 30.5 cm
Number of Knives 4
Material A8 Chipper Steel
Useable Edges 2
Number of Bolts/Knife 2
Cutter Drive Components - Engine Option One
Number of Bearings 2
Type Dual Spherical Roller
Manufacturer Linkbelt
Belt Idler/Tensioner Over center idler arm, manually adjusted
Belt Type 3 Rib Classic B, Banded Aramid with Clutching Cover
Discharge System
Bottom Thickness .1 in .3 cm
Top Thickness .1 in .3 cm
Side Wall Thickness .1 in .3 cm
Deflector Thickness .1 in .2 cm
Chute Rotation Angle 270 deg
Rotation Type Pin
Rotational Lock Clamp
Hydraulic System
Tank capacity 6 gal 22.7 L
Recommended Oil Type Shell Tellus 68
System relief pressure 2500 psi 172.4 bar
Electrical System
System Voltage 12
Controller CB02
Display LED
Hitch Type Alko 161S 50 mm ball
Fender Description Bolt on-steel 2 mm
Axle/Suspension Alko Plus 1500 kg
Tires - Option One 175R14C8PR
Wheels - Option One 550 lb Jockey Wheel
Brake Type 200 mm x 50 mm surge brake activated