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Vermeer Middle East Locations

Currently Vermeer Trenchers, Terrain Levelers, Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines as well as Environmental Equipment are in operation with various contractors In Saudi Arabia, Quatar &UAE.

Heavy Equipment Company In Saudi Arabia

Heavy Machinery company in KSA:

The Saudi economy is constantly on the rise and the construction sector specifically has seen significant increases in activity. The Saudi government has always been actively concerned with growing the Saudi infrastructure industry.

The Vermeer heavy equipment machines were used in many of the mega projects in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia executed by some of the biggest heavy equipment companies and construction contractors in the Middle East.

Our terrain levelers for example worked on some mega construction projects in Saudi where an open-cut trench of 18m depth was executed using three of our Vermeer T1255 terrain levelers to install water pipelines. The project was successfully completed in 2014 despite the various challenges that included hard ground conditions and dust.


Vermeer T1255 Surface Miner excavating deep trenches in Saudi Arabia

Horizontal Drilling in Saudi Arabia:

In Feb, 2018 Saudi Arabia has announced plans to spend $293 million on major infrastructure projects across the kingdom, which will include the implementation of 16,000 sanitary drainage connections to homes. Ministry officials will start working on 20 major development projects aimed at benefiting around one million people.

Vermeer Middle East FZCO Horizontal Drilling line of equipment provides a revolutionary method in pipeline installation in Saudi with minimal surface disturbance which has given the Saudi Drilling Companies a big advantage to chip in with the latest technology in the drilling industry in the kingdom.

Our Horizontal Drills are capable of drilling In different ground conditions ranging from soft ground to hard rock, all backed with Vermeer trained service technicians and fastest parts delivery in our industry in the region

Whether it is Sewage utilities, electricity utility installation and HDPE service ducts, you can always rely on Vermeer drills and Vermeer Axis-Guided System to handle your job at the most efficient level.Other Vermeer Heavy Machinery supplied by Vermeer Middle East FZCO:

For Fiber optics installation, our Vermeer RTX550 with a MTR micro trenching attachment.

Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drill in Saudi Arabia

Environmental Line:

Vermeer Middle East FZCO has been a main provider for the environmental sector in Saudi. Our Horizontal Grinders have achieved a huge success making wood waste into useful materials to complete the recycling chain by easily transform the palm tree frond and palm trees waste into small wood chips that can be later used in different industries as fertilizers and wood boards production.

Micro Trenching for Fiber Optics Installation in Saudi Arabia:

In response to the fast developments in the Communication Utility Installation in the kingdom as well as all over the world, Vermeer also provides the Micro Trenching Attachment on the Vermeer RTX550 tractor to meet the needs of customers installing Fiber Optics in urban areas with narrow trenches and shallow width, in addition to the rockwheel attachment on the RTX1250 in case of a more deep trenches.

Vermeer HG4000 Horizontal Grinder grinding palm trees in Saudi Arabia

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