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Water used for drilling fluids and hydro-excavation is key for effective utility installation, however proper disposal can add significant operational costs and logistical challenges for contractors. The right equipment and a good plan are key for effective utility installation. This paper will discuss what contractors should consider when planning the next job’s disposal. This paper will highlight one industry solution that helps contractors control the cost, time and complexity of drilling fluid and hydro-excavation waste management. It illustrates why this industry solution is a good option for a variety of utility installation situations.


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This paper will discuss why fluids are important for utility installation processes, challenges with fluids management, how contractors are dealing with it today, how solidification compares to separation, how solidification works, how super absorbent polymer is mixed, how a solidification mixer is loaded, how much super absorbent polymer is needed for solidification, how solidification costs compare with traditional disposal methods, where the solution is needed, and disposal options once the mud is solidified.

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