D23x30DR S3 HDD

For drilling in rock, you need a machine that can take on the tough jobs in tough ground conditions.


The D23x30DR S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drill helps lead the way in rock drilling and continues the legacy of the S3 badge – speed, simplicity and sound. Adding to the Vermeer lineup of rock drills, the D23x30DR S3 offers dual rod technology in a compact yet powerful machine that enables operators to confidently and efficiently maneuver through rock in congested cities, busy neighborhoods or tight jobsites.

Building on the dependability of the D23x30 S3, this rock drill offers a short and narrow footprint and quiet power for operator comfort while minimizing jobsite disturbance. Common controls can help operators transition smoothly into rock drilling from a single rod machine, while new tooling options can offer precise steering and maximized wear life to help provide optimized jobsite productivity. The D23x30DR S3 rock drill delivers impressive power that can help you bore through challenging ground conditions and keep you rocking on a demanding jobsite.

Gross Horsepower100 hp ( 74.6 kw )
Max Fuel Consumption5.3 gph ( 20.1 lph )
General Dimensions and Weights
Height (Minimum Transport)87.5 in ( 222.3 cm )
Width (Minimum Transport)55.5 in ( 141 cm )
Length (Minimum Transport)247 in ( 627.4 cm )
Weight16500 lbs ( 7484.3 kg )
Engine - Option two
Max Fuel Consumption5.3 gph ( 20.1 lph )
Gross Horsepower100 hp ( 74.6 kw )
Pullback24000 lbs ( 106.8 kN )
Thrust24000 lbs ( 106.8 kN )
Maximum Spindle Torque (Low at Maximum Engine RPM)3000 ft-lb ( 4067.5 Nm )
Maximum Carriage Speed at Maximum Engine RPM175 ft/min ( 53.3 m/min )
Maximum Ground Drive Speed at Maximum Engine RPM3.3 mph ( 5.3 km/h )
Minimum Bore Diameter5 in ( 12.7 cm )
Fluid Capacities
Fuel Tank35 gal ( 132.5 L )
Drilling Fluid System Option One
Maximum Flow35 gpm ( 132.5 L/min )
Maximum Pressure1100 psi ( 75.8 bar )
Drill Pipe
Minimum Bend Radius143 ft ( 43.6 m )
Weight75 lbs ( 34 kg )
Joint Inside Diameter1.3 in ( 3.4 cm )
Length10 ft ( 3 m )
Optional cabin (EMEA only)
Height with cab93.7 in ( 238 cm )
Width with cab72 in ( 182.9 cm )
Weight with cab17328 lbs ( 7859.8 kg )


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