R500 Reclaimer

The smallest Vermeer reclaimer is available as a skid and trailer version.

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The R500 reclaimer is the smallest-sized reclaimer Vermeer offers and is available as a skid and trailer version. With a relatively low weight of 2.500 kg (5,511 lb) and a height-adjustable hitch, the R500 can be towed by a van or truck. The four heavy-duty pulldown jacks for stabilization will help for quick and convenient setup of the reclaimer.

General Dimensions and Weights
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)5511 lbs ( 2499.7 kg )
Height9.2 ft ( 2.8 m )
Width8.2 ft ( 2.5 m )
Length16 ft ( 4.9 m )
Weight5511 lbs ( 2499.7 kg )
Tank Capacities
Maximum Capacity600 gal ( 2271.2 L )
Cleaning System
Cleaning Capacity (First Cut)130 gpm ( 492.1 L/min )


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