VR1224 Carted Wheel Rake

Decidedly different.

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The VR1224 carted wheel rake gives you the capacity, strength and wide-stance balance and posture you need for a heavy diet of hay, starting with the very first cutting. This ruggedly reliable rake cruises across the landscape to get you in and out of the field fast. The VR1224 can be easily adjusted for single- or double-sided raking, and a uniquely designed center splitter attachment option improves windrow dry down and moisture content balance. The telescoping toolbar can be easily adjusted to set the windrow width to fit the intake of your baler.

Tractor Requirements
Hydraulic flow rate5 gpm ( 18.9 L/min )
Hydraulic Pressure1500 psi ( 103.4 bar )
PTO horsepower minimum30 hp ( 22.4 kw )
Dimensions and Weights
Tongue Weight230 lbs ( 104.3 kg )
Total Weight1812 lbs ( 821.9 kg )
Transport Height8.5 ft ( 2.6 m )
Transport Length23 ft ( 7 m )
Transport Width10.2 ft ( 3.1 m )
Windrow width maximum98 in ( 248.9 cm )
Windrow width minimum21 in ( 53.3 cm )
Raking width maximum24.4 ft ( 7.4 m )
Raking width minimum19.9 ft ( 6.1 m )
Raking components
Tooth diameter.3 in ( .8 cm )
Rake wheel diameter55 in ( 139.7 cm )


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